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Meet Our Founder


From Working Part-time After School Hours In A Bakery To Support His Family, To start a Unit Of His Own At Age 22 And Then Building A Rs 13.5 Crore Turnover 40-outlet Pancake Chain, Mumbai Based Vikesh Shah Has Come A Long Way As A Self-made Entrepreneur. Vikesh, Founder Of 99 Pancakes, Started His First Pancake Outlet In Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda, Area, With An Investment Of Rs 9 Lakh In 2017.Today, They Have 24 Outlets In Mumbai Alone.

Here Is Our Story

99 Pancakes was founded by Mr. Vikesh Shah, who has more than 20 yrs of experience in the dessert industry.His unique vision and ability to blend flavors from East and West brought India an innovative concept of Dutch Pofferjets adopted to Indian taste buds.

About Us

99 Pancakes took Mumbai by a Dessert Explosion after we opened our first store in 2017. Since then We’ve been constantly expanding our empire with over 40 outlets in 10 cities. We Sold Over a 1 Million Pancakes and have 20k followers on Instagram Handle. We were the first brand to introduce Mini-Pancakes to the Indian audience, which resulted in immense success. We are a brand that believes in innovation and creativity. Our team of chefs and food experts work tirelessly to create new recipes, flavors, and concepts that will keep our customers coming back for more. We believe in providing quality food at affordable prices, which is why we have kept our menu simple yet delicious.

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